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Cheap Botox - Find the cheapest Botox treatment in the UK

Cheap Botox

Botox has revolutionized the walk-in walk-out facelift and can even be administered in an day spa environment. Botox offers a cheap, painless and fast alternative to more drastic age defying cosmetic treatments. The cheap cost of Botox in the UK is possible due to the very small amount of diluted Botox that is required for the treatment of anything from age wrinkles on the face to eyebrow lifts and even as a remedy for excessive sweating. It is widely considered as a much safer alternative to surgical cosmetics treatments and is now even widely available on many UK high streets.

Botox in the UK

Because the Botox industry is so competitive cheap Botox prices in the UK can be found by carefully scrutinizing the small print of each clinic providing the treatment. Every physician dilutes their own Botox and units from different botox clinics may vary in concentration and thus the number of units that are required to treat a certain area will essentially define the final cost of the treatment.

Clinics may publicly advertise the Botox injection cost for one eye and not for both eyes so it is always advised that before agreeing to any treatment that a patient reads the small print and understands fully what their treatment comprises of.

On average patients looking for cheap Botox in the UK will expect to pay around £180-190 to treat one area, £230-£250 to treat two and up to £300 for the treatment of three areas in one session.

Patients can also compare prices for Botox treatment for free by filling in a few details at the top of the page. Be assured that all of the clinics we work with can provide some of the cheapest deals on Botox in the UK whilst not sacrificing quality or service.

Cosmetic Botox Treatment

A Botox cosmetic injection can be described as a treatment of Botox purely for aesthetic purposes. Whereas Botox injections to reduce excessive sweating can be seen as the use of Botox to solve a particular affliction that could have a serious impact on a persons physical and psychological well being.

Finding cheap Botox across the UK is easy due to the competitive nature of the product and the high availability of the procedure throughout the UK in everywhere from health centres to dental clinics. The cost of Botox injections are calculated by the use of a standard measurement for Botox (the unit). A different number of Botox units are used for different treatments and for example 10-15 units will be required to treat the average patients crow's feet and 12-20 units would be the amount of Botox used to treat a persons' frown lines.

botox injection points

Botox can be used to address a number of problem areas around the face and body that may contribute to the signs of ageing:

  • Forehead (worry lines)
  • Thinning Lips
  • Lip Wrinkles
  • Glabellar (frown lines)
  • Neck Folds
  • Crow's Feet
  • Brow Lift
  • Eyebrow Shaping
  • Chin Puckering

Find the Best Quality and Cheapest Botox in the UK

To find the best Botox clinics in the UK that genuinely offer cheap treatment with no hidden extra's or gimmicks attached thorough research must be conducted:

  • Clinics under consideration should be asked how many units they use for a particular Botox treatment.
  • References from previous patients should be of the utmost importance as through past patient's reports, those considering using the particular clinic can find invaluable testaments to the care received, the results of the Botox treatment and how long the results lasted.

These factors should be the main ones taken in to account alongside how cheap the Botox is after any additional costs are calculated when deciding on a particular clinic to recieve Botox treatment.

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