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Cost of Thermage Treatment

What is Thermage Treatment?

Thermage treatment is a no surgical treatment designed to smooth, tighten and contour the skin to give a younger fresher appearance. It works by stimulating collagen, a natural substance within our skin. Thermage is a radiofrequency treatment that can be used on all skin types and colours. It can be used anywhere on the body with the facial area being the most popular choice for treatment.

How does this Treatment work?

The treatment works by a hand piece that has a smooth flat tip being moved over the skin. The radiofrequency treatment gently heats the collagen rich deeper layers of our skin. The heat used will help to tighten collagen already present and stimulate production of new collagen over a period of time. This will reduce sagging, renew contours and make an improvement to the smoothness and overall texture of the skins surface. Thermage treatment for the eyes is particularly effective and can smooth and tighten the skin to reduce wrinkles. Unlike other types of radiofrequency treatments that generally work after three or four sessions Thermage delivers results with just one treatment. Some difference can be noticed straight away with continued improvement over a few months. The entire process can take as little as forty five minutes to treat the facial area and up to an hour and a half to treat body areas.

How much does Thermage Treatment cost?

The exact cost of Thermage treatment will vary between clinics and consultants. It might be worth while looking around to get the best deal. The exact cost also depends on your individual requirement. How large the area to be treated is and how many areas that need treatment and the overall condition of the area to be treated. The exact cost for your individual needs can be worked out upon an initial assessment at your chosen clinic. Generally prices in the UK start from £1,500.

Is the Procedure safe?

As Thermage is a completely non surgical and non invasive treatment it is considered very safe for patients. Some patients may feel that there skin is very slightly sore and feels tight after treatment. There is no down time with Thermage treatment and patients should be able to continue with normal everyday activities straight away.

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