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Azzalure Dysport Review

Azzalure Dysport

Azzalure is a rebranded Dysport muscle relaxant used to successfully treat facial frowns and lines by preventing the muscular contractions that create wrinkles by forcing aging and brittle skin to fold and crease. Azzalure, made from the same neurotoxin as Botox, prevents the signals travelling between nerves and respective muscles stopping them from contracting. The specific muscle groups are specifically and skillfully targeted by qualified cosmetic surgeons to reduce or remove the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines. Azzalure Dysport is most effective on facial lines that are relatively new and the amount of Azzalure required will depend on how developed and ingrained the wrinkles have become.

Azzalure Vs Botox

Azzalure is reported to be more efficient than Botox in that it radiates further away from the point of injection to affect a larger area than Botox injections. That being said, a higher level of surgical expertise is required to ensure that unrelated muscles are not affected such as eyelid or eyebrow muscles. The effects of Azzalure are also reported to occur quicker than those of Botox with Dysport results being visible between one and three days as opposed to the three to five day period expected for Botox injection treatment.

Azzalure Dysport Prices

Azzalure Dysport prices in the UK can normally be found for around £150 to £300 per treatment area, which is around the same price as Botox. Most reputable clinics will offer a quantity discount where the cost per area decreases as the number of treatment areas needed increases. A variation in price will be observed between clinics depending on their location, prestige and reputation. Exact Azzalure Dysport prices will be calculated during an initial consultation with a cosmetic surgeon, who will be able to assess the number of areas that need treatment and the amount of Azzalure required.

How to find Azzelure Clinics

Finding the best clinics that can professionally administer Azzalure Dysport injections for a competitive price is not too difficult if one uses the specialized services of a Azzalure and cosmetic treatment comparison websites. These sites will normally provide an overview of the available types of wrinkle treatments as well as the specific benefits of using Azzalure Dysport or Botox. Price comparison will be easy and one will find peace of mind knowing that only qualified surgeons and reputable clinics will find a place in their reviews. The services in question are normally provided completely free of charge with no preference for which clinic is chosen so the reviews and comparisons are completely unbiased.

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